Starlit Dinners

It is not only a return to the stage of great tennis in Palermo, but the 30th Ladies Open will be , above all , a grande event with the presence of award winning chefs . After a prologue on Monday 21st July, with the host and chef Filippo La Mantia, who is in charge of a prestigious restaurant in Piazza Risorgimento ,from Tuesday 22nd it will be the turn of the star studded chefs ,or rather female star studded chefs. In a VIP lounge , elegantly furnished around the pool, dishes will be created by Patrizia Di Benedetto from Bye Bye Blues restaurant in Palermo, Martina Caruso from Signum in Salina and Caterina Ceraudo from Dattilo di Strongoli in Calabria. They all have a passion for cooking in common as well as possessing one Michelin Star each . On 22nd July Martina Casruso will cook , 23rd Catherina Ceraudo and Thursday 24th Patrizia Di Benedetto.

The dinners, with a set menu and wine, will have a cost of 70 euros per evening for tournament subscribers and 100 euros for non subscribers ( including ,in the last case ,as well as a starlit dinner , a place in the front row of centre court on a pre-established date ). To book, simply send an email to , including name and telephone number . You will be contacted to finalise the booking and to point out any food intolerances where necessary.

Martina Caruso. A Salina thoroughbred ,as she likes to be known ,grew up in the Hotel Signum where ,at the age of just 23 , she substituted her father at the head of the kitchen . Her dishes are born from traditional Sicilian dishes and then “lightened and cleansed” , but are above all a concentration of flavour. She won her first Michelin Star in 2015, and was the Female Michelin Chef of the Year in 2019 , awarded to her at The Yard Hotel in Milan at the fourth edition of the Atelier des Granes Dames. It is the acknowlagement of her “structured,but at the same time fresh and delicate with original ideas that highlight flavours and aromas of locally sourced produce” cooking.

Caterina Ceraudo. 31 years old, a degree in Vitculture and Oenology in Pisa, she runs Dattilo, in Strongoli in Calabria, the acclaimed restaurant is within the family agritourism, noted by the New York Times, that added Calabria, including Dattilo, as the 52 most not to be missed destinations of 2017. In 2012, before becoming a chef in the family restaurant, she attended the School at Niko Romito (3 Michelin stars) in Castel di Sangro in Abruzzo. The majority of ingredients used at Dattilo – wine,oil, vegetables and citrus fruit – come from the surrounding family land. Caterina was awarded the Female Michelin Chef of the Year in 2017.

Patrizia Di Benedetto. Born into a family where women have always nurtured their love of cooking and passion for Sicilian traditions. Even though her initial education was in a completely different field, her love of cooking won through, and in 1991 she opened Bye Bye Blues together with her husband, Antonio Barraco, a sommelier. The restaurant had immediate success and quickly became a reference point for food connoisseurs (not just in Palermo) and for wine lovers,having one of the most interesting wine lists in the city. Patrizia continues to further her knowlage attending courses and stages in various restaurants both in Italy and abroad, but her philosophy remains the same, to use Sicilian produced resources and opting only for seasonal produce. In 2011 she was rewarded with a much dreamt of Michelin Star. Patrizia Di Benedetto is the sole proprietor of a Michelin Star in Palermo and the first Sicilian woman to receive this prestigious award.