Le Vie dei Tesori (cultural tours)

The “30 Palermo Ladies Open” wants to take advantage of the extraordinary heritage of the city making it an integral part of of its sportive, turistic and cultural itinerary. It will soon be possible take part in, buying online, “Manifesta 12”, visiting the treasures of the UNESCO World Heritage sites and the “Via dei Tesori” is one of the biggest Italian Festivals dedicated to the valorization of the cultural, monumental and artistic heritage within the city of Palermo as well as the whole of Sicily. Currently in its twelfth edition, the festival was born and developed in the city of Palermo opening to the public more than 400 places of historical, artistical and monumental interest, the majority of which are usually closed and proposing in excess of 200 author’s walks.

An idea was born to organise small tours, 3 hours in duration, for the sponsors of the tournament, to show them the entire beauty of Palermo’s cultural heritage. In addition another 5 mini tours of the same dimension and participants will be available as exclusive subscriptions . Details regarding booking and purchase will be made public shortly.